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‘Cutting the cord’ is not a new phrase, and at differing points in our history has stood for many things.  It used to mean becoming independent from one’s parents.  For a while, it was slang for disconnecting land line phone service.  Today, many are using the term to signify a new phenomenon in the way consumers watch entertainment in their homes and elsewhere.  A growing number of people are dumping their cable coverage because of the availability and affordability of other video options.  Innovations in media and broadcasting now allows people to buy digital and HD antennas, watch streaming video online, or buy more expensive televisions and devices that work via internet.  This trend is having a major effect on how media companies go about reaching their target audiences.


The purpose of this wiki is to explain how people can enjoy television and film entertainment at a lower cost than subscribing to a local cable company, as well as to explain many of the options available to do so.

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Alternatives to Cable

Why Drop Cable?

Legal, Ethical, Security and Social Issues

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